Set and costume designer, concept

Concept: Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere, Andrea Familari, Anna Cingi

Choreography and performance: Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere

Interactive Iight design, technical direction: Andrea Familari

Live photography: Nikolaus Ostermann / Volkstheater Wien

AI Music system and spatial sound design by Marco Donnarumma, AI computer vision system by Meredith Thomas, artistic production by Eva Luzia Preindl, directing assistance by Katrina Buchberger.

An original performance by Fronte Vacuo. Produced by Volkstheater, Vienna, as part of 6XXX6/six movements for six spaces.

First performed on November 24th, 2022 in Volkstheater, Vienna // more information

δISSOLUTION is a high-tech dream within an analog nightmare. Through intense sensorial stimulation and radical haptic intimacy, the piece probes the relation of abjection, memory and care in times of climate catastrophe. Like a matryoshka, movement and space combine to open worlds inside worlds, where one’s own experience shifts between isolation and interdependence.